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Gurdwara Rampur Khera Sahib (Meditation place of Saint Baba Harnam Singh Jp When travelling along the main highway from Hoshiarpur to the town of Dasuya, about 28 kilometers from Hoshiarpur and 2 kilometers before the town Garhdiwala, at village Gondpur, a large gateway spanning the highway signifies to turn left onto Sant Baba Hamam Singh marg. Gurdwara Rampur Khera is one kilometer west along this road from the main highway. As one nears the Gurdwara. you behold the towering white dome of the Gurdwara, seemingly touching the sky. Beside the Gurdwara. the orange Khalsa flag waves gently. All around, numerous, initiated (Amritdhari) Sikhs. can be seen going about their daily chores. The sound of blissful prayers emanating from peaceful surroundings of the Gurdwara, the scent of Guru's teachings, all give the travelers a vision of the prosperity of God's name.


Currently we have 15 publications in 2 different formats: e-book (direct downloads) and hard copy (a physical product). Our e-books are the most popular and can be downloaded online for free.


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